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Hello my sweet followers and various other ladies, gentlemen, astral beings and inter dimensional creatures.This is my blog, I specialize in Doctor Who [Mostly Classic} social issues and Daft Punk. I also kind of just post random other fandom stuff and art and it means a lot to me that your here! Thank you :D

Doctor Who Gifs | Vastra & Jenny 

ALRIGHT! Now, with Ellen Paige coming out and people going, “but why do they need to tell us what an attention whore blah blah blah” I thought I’d make this. You know why?! Vastra and Jenny where the reason I came out. I thought, you know if they can be a lesbian lizard/human ninja couple in victorian london why the hell can’t I be myself ?! Why can’t I be as comfortable as them? And it hit me, I could. It gave me courage. And The Doctor, my hero, accepts them. Seeing him accept them without a word is more than I could ask for. Seeing them was hugely relieving, took a burden off my shoulders and prevented me from sinking deeper into depression. It saved me. I didn’t feel so alone. Not when I watched them on screen. Not when I saw how people loved them, how well written they where, how there relationship was only a part of them and they were REAL CHARACTERS! Not the butt of jokes! Not just “the gay people”! They made me feel okay. Along with PROVING how IMPORTANT TEACHING TOLERANCE TO CHILDREN IS AND HOW THEY WILL EASILY ACCEPT IT AND IT WILL NOT HARM THEM TO SEE THINGS NOT IN THE “NORM” IT ALSO SHOWS HOW HUGELY IMPORTANT REPRESENTATION IS IN THE MEDIA. SO IMPORTANT. Without Vastra and Jenny….I don’t know where I’d be right now. I’m comfortable and have a girlfriend and loving family, but without the first step, I would not be where I am today. So i want to personally thank both actresses and the writers for saving my life, basically. It was exactly what I needed and I look up to all of you. Thank you for being an inspiration. *rant over*